Divine Will International Unity Conference - Has been postponed

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We have invited the following people to speak at the conference. 
Understand that we are living during  a pandemic so no one can confirm at this time.

Fr. Antonio 
Dr. Salvadore Tomassinni

Queen of Light
Frances Hogan
Daniel O'Connor

Our Divine Will
Unity Reunion

December 25, 1921 Volume 13

“And I: ‘My Love, how could this be, if at that time I did not exist?’ And Jesus: "In my Will everything existed, and all things were one single point for Me. I could see you then, just as I see you now, and all the graces I have given you are nothing other than the confirmation of what you had been given from eternity. And I could see not only you, but in you I saw my little family, which would live in my Will. How happy I felt! These soothed my crying, warmed Me, and surrounding Me like a crown, defended Me from the perfidy of the other creatures.”