David Russell

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originally from Syracuse, NY, born the seventh child on the seventh day under the sign of the Virgin. Baptized on the Feast of St. Francis, he has adopted the San Damiano Cross as a reminder of his mission to the New Evangelization of the Catholic Church. He has been interested in magic tricks since borrowing a book from a Catholic school library. As a pre-teen he took the name Mirgo from Astrological sign Virgo, substituting the “V” for the “M” of Mary. At age 16 he became the youngest on record to escape Houdini’s famous Water Torture Cell. He has performed across the country including the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. After visiting the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1997 he was called to a deeper relationship with Mary and her Son Jesus. Making a firm commitment to relinquish his freedom, memory, understanding and will in exchange for Divine Will, he found himself in the darkest struggle of his life. From successful executive to strolling performer he discovered all he was ever searching for in the Catholic Faith. By embracing the gift of entertaining he found a connection between the various types of magical illusions employed by magicians and deeper spiritual truth. He has authored two books related to his passion for magic and the Catholic Faith; a children's book "Bigger and Better" and "Magi Theology" for which the Nihil Obstat and Imprematur were given by the Knoxville Diocese Bishop's office. In 2017, David formed “Your Faith Anew!” prayer and study group. Focusing on the Gift of Living in the Divine Will, the group strives to increase their knowledge of the Catholic Faith, work hard to remain in a State of Grace, bring others to know the Joy of the Gospel, glorify God and become a Saints!